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Show me why it is so cheap only $135 +
Down to brass tacks, I charge $9.95 a month for hosting I host through Hostgator you can get hosting anywhere for only $6.95 (industry standard Starting Price including Hostgator) then the rates go up after an initial period (3-6 months) or until you go over a ridiculously low bandwidth allotment). You are paying me an extra $4. a month hosting from the beginning for me to recoup my cost over a longer period of time 60 month. Meaning your website is costing you $4. x 60 + initial set up $235. for a grand total of (Wait for it) $475. Can you dig it? I can. READ ON.

I love what I do, and it is not work for me to create, it is invigorating. Sitting behind my desk 12 hours a day getting results and having fun is not work to me. We are an SEO (search engine optimization) company, it is what we do. But so many clients that have found us always say the same thing.

My website designer told me it would be SEO optimized.

Then after they paid $1500. for a website that looked pretty they turned around and hired me to get them seen on page 1 yes (one) of Google instead of page 15 of Google.

I offer this exact same website design service at my condormarketing.com

I look at a cheap website design as a retirement plan to build a couple thousand websites and host them.

I build here at a cheap website design to help you be seen and to work with you to get more business. I LOVE WHAT I DO.


PS. Buy Now and here is a recent review from a client that initially thought that cheap meant not Quality work. Cheap here is so you could find me and you did but we do above average work at affordable rates.

Finally after 5 years of dealing with companys that promise me results and they didnt deliver, I ran across condor Marketing and every thing jay said he was gonna do happed, he even encouraged me to learn optimization so I could save money & help with the process of optimizing my website through his ebook,I am now making my own (optimized videos & pics) and know the proceedure. Dont be alarmed by his prices (Low very reasonable) after I got over the price being so compatible then I moved forward because I was use to companys charging an arm & a leg for there services. Thank Jay

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Building Websites From The Ground Up

Like the guys on the right building a website is like building a house. First you need a plot of land that you will call home with the address you give people (Your URL). Next you will need to lay a foundation so people can find you. (Your Hosting). Next you need to frame the house. (Your Theme choice). Finally you will need to add all the sinks, appliances paint the walls & add personal touches. (Your Plugins).

What People Are Saying About A Cheap Website Design


These guys are great! The site they built was one of the most attractive that I have seen anywhere in the same industry. The search engine optimization of the site produced a number of first page Google listings, almost immediately. A big thumbs up! Mike Drew, Independent Consulting
They created my mobile website and I couldn't be happier with it. The other reviews say it all: professional, polite, experienced and effective. Very fast to respond and act on needed changes. A pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend. Anonymous
Jay has reaffirmed my faith in one who does what he says he is going to do. As a small business owner, Jay is helping me realize how important marketing, the right way, will grow my business. He is a great guy, easy to communicate with and he get results! Don't wait like I did....call Jay now! Carmen Craig, Feline Fabulous

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"Condor Marketing had a fast response time and answered all my questions and got me running. I recommend everyone to fly with the Condor!!!"
-- John Taylor,

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Cheap Website Design

When we do cheap website design we want to include information for the search engines to find cheap website design. Did you know Affordable website design and Cheap website design is the same thing in Google’s eyes as contextually the same and the reason I put it here so many times is to increase my injection of keyword phrase up to 2.5% but not over 6% hmmm. I am just smart that way. Why do I bold cheap website design¬†because you need a bit of italic bold and proper h1 h2 and h3 in all pages.