Cheap Website Design

Cheap Website Design

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This is exactly what it says it is and why you found us for cheap website design! Affordable great looking websites that are practically free. If you think this is too good to be true check out our FAQ’s to find out more about our philosophy and our service.

Cheap Website Design in a Nutshell

As Full time SEO Consultants we found that not all websites are SEO friendly and that no matter how pretty a site is if it is on page 13 of Google then no one sees it anyway. So we began to build SEO friendly websites that practically jump to page one by themselves.

What you get with our $135. cheap website design we incorporate the latest in web technologies and standards including mobile.


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  • Your site will include
    SEO optimization & vanity domain, with, Home page, Custom Header & Graphics, Contact us page, Blog page, Share buttons, call to action form from Aweber a $19 a month value included,
  • All Legal disclaimer pages
    (8 to be exact) Privacy policy, media policy, terms of service etc.
  • SEO  software
    installed for easy use. Including HEAT MAP technology.


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  • Full Administrative access
    to make changes or additions as you see fit.
  • Special software installed
    to automatically post your website updates in real time to FaceBook, Google+ & Twitter. if you choose.
  • A Mobile website
    built and optimized for search engines w/ a Home splash page, & Click to call functions is included. This alone is a game changer since standard mobile hosting is $9. a month.


Standard Theme Option Only $135.

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Standard Theme Option with Annual Hosting

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Upgraded Ultimate Theme Only $235.

Pay annual hosting and save $11.40 a year

Upgraded Ultimate Theme with Annual Hosting

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What is the Difference between the Standard and the upgraded Ultimate?

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  • With the standard site we use themes that we are allowed to use when we purchase the domain name for you.
  • We build a static html mobile website with basic functions. Does not update with the site.
  • Everything else is the same.

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  • With the ultimate upgrade we purchase the latest theme for you. We can use your current Domain name or get you a new one.
  • The Mobile website will update in real time as you add content.
  • You will get 2 additional licensing codes to use for different URLs if you like.

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Get your Cheap Website Design Today call 888-930-3036 Answered most days from 9am -11pm CST

View our mobile only website designs click on any phone for a fully functional model.
(Included with Website or Stand alone)

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Only $49.95 for a complete mobile only site built for you.


$7.00 monthly hosting applies.

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Order Now or call us first everyone does and we answer the phone at most hours 9am – 11pm CST 888.930.3036