Easy Telemarketing Jobs

Easy Telemarketing Jobs from A Cheap Website Design

What easy telemarketing jobs have to offer to make it profitable to you:

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  • Unlimited amount of prospects.
  • High $$ return for your time.
  • Short Scripts.

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  • No Pressure tactics.
  • Offer a solution to a problem.
  • Be something the person needs.


We offer easy telemarketing jobs with all this and top commissions to boot.

Since we offer an affiliate commission of $25 for every sale referred by you and a 30 day cookie (meaning if you send someone to us and they do not clear their browser history or cookies you will get credit for the sale even if it is 30 days from your initial contact with that person.) We offer a short, less than 30 second script that gets you a result your looking for, good or bad, so you know you can move on and not waste time. Time is money for easy telemarketing jobs and so is the ability to follow through or flush and go on to the next prospect.

How to start earning right away.We cater to small businesses our preferred list to call is:

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  • Carpet cleaning company [state]
  • Landscapers [state]
  • Auto Repair shops [state]

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  • Pest Control company [state]
  • Plumbing companies [state]
  • Roofing companies [state]


  1. Register as an affiliate here for easy telemarketing jobs so you can get paid. Affiliates Page (click sign up button) ***IMPORTANT*** ONCE YOU SIGN UP YOU WILL BE GIVEN LOG IN INFORMATION, IT WILL NOT BE EMAILED TO YOU SO YOU MUST COPY AND PASTE IT AND SAVE IT TO A SAFE PLACE ON YOUR COMPUTER WHERE YOU KNOW WHERE IT IS…
  2. Log into the affiliate center and click get links then copy and paste text link 5 under the first two banners onto a blank text document or draft email to be sent. (click on picture to enlarge)
  3.  Starting with the easy telemarketing jobs list above simply go to Google and do a search for these terms followed by your state or any state you choose, this will give you a much bigger list to be able to call. We always suggest calling within your state first as people will recognize your number as local but you can put in any state you want to keep the leads flowing. 🙂
  4. Once you are on the search page go to the top and click on Mapssearching_maps
  5. Once in the maps see who has a website and who does not, those without a website listed like in the image are all your prospects! click image to enlarge


  6. Because you are in a statewide search you will have plenty of people to call, simply go on to the next page listed then next then next. Click to enlarge picture.

    Easy telemarketing jobs

  7. Use this simple short script to get prospects to our website we will handle the sale since 99% of them will call us first before signing up but you have a 30 day cookie embedded so if they take a few days you will still get credit for the sale!!

Easy Telemarketing jobs What to Say:

  1. Hi do you have a website?
  2. If they say yes ask for it to be polite and say thank you. If they say NO
  3. Ask Would you like a cheap website desined for you? Wait for answer! if NO say thanks & hang up if YES with anything else keep going – usually depends on how cheap?
  4. Say that’s the best part in a nutshell, our company is offering SEO (search engine optimized)  friendly websites built for you and published with an SEO friendly vanity Domain name, a mobile website app. is made so you can be found on smart phones, and one year hosting is all included for only $135. no tricks no hype, and no hidden fees. If you would like I can send you all the details so you can look it over and decide if  this is worth it to you. Would you prefer snail mail or Email?
  5. Wait for an answer….if yes go to step 5 if no say thank you and hang up.
  6. Great I am in front of my computer right now where should I send it. Take down the information!
  7. Alright your information is on its way, is there anything else I can do for you?
  8. Have a great day and thanks for taking the time to talk to me good bye.
  9. Once you have the email address copy and paste your text link from step 2 and send it to them. If they purchase our product anytime in the next 30 days you will get credit for it and paid for it.

If they say can I get the information from your website because they are hesitant to provide an email address.

Be honest we have nothing to hide and we offer a great product.Just say I am affiliate of the company providing the service and I get paid when someone purchases our products when they come to the site from the link in the information I provide you. This is the way I earn extra money but if you are uncomfortable with me sending you the information can I give you my affiliate I.D. number to give to the company so I can get credit for this? I really am only going to send you one email with a link to the company site and information for you to look at and decide. we really would love your business and I am sure you will love what you see. Do you have a junk email account I can send this information to if your worried about me spamming you or something?

After that your minute on the phone is up so just accept it as a no. Easy telemarketing jobs take just time and patients to pay off.