Website FAQ’S

Why is the website so cheap?

Good question and one on everyone’s mind. The main reason we are offering this fantastic deal is simple. We are looking at the long term relationship we will build with our clients. Down to brass tacks, I charge $9.95 a month for hosting I host through Hostgator you can get hosting anywhere for only $5.95 (industry standard including Hostgator for 6-12 months before they charge $9.95 a month) you are paying me an extra $4. a month hosting for me to recoup my cost over a longer period of time 60 month. Meaning your website is costing you $4. x 60 + initial set up $135. for a grand total of (Wait for it) $375. Can you dig it? I can

Is this a one time Fee?

The initial set up fee of only $135 or the ultimate theme set up of $232. is a one time fee. Your monthly recurring fee is for hosting, maintenance and added bundle products included with your website.

Can I use my hosting company?

Yes you can but we do require a 60 month agreement so I can recoup my time and cost. if you prefer to host elsewhere or on your own server you can click here and purchase our $499. website design

What other software do you install?

We have purchased the licensing rights that enables us to put software on client sites to many upgraded tools. Since you are hosting through us you are considered a client. Some of the software we install includes, ViberSpyPro $37. Value Included heat mapping and tracking single use license .

SEO Pressor, $97 Value Incuded to help you optimize your website pages when you add new content ,

Backup Buddy, $80 Value Included,  backs up your site automatically.

Display Buddy, a $150 value Included,

Covert Geo Targeting, A $17 Value Included,

Aweber Email lists A $19.95 a month Value Included

Plus others like Bounce Rate Reducers, copyright protection, Aweber lists, and easy analytic tools to see visitors and where they come from.

Can I make changes to my website? / Do I have access to the backend to make revisions as needed?

You will have full administrative access to your website once it is built. You can add posts, pictures and update information at any time. If you would like us to be your webmaster we would be glad to help.

 Do you use templates to make my website?

We have many options when it comes to building your website, we have found using a skeleton theme from optimize press 1.0 has given us the best results in having our clients sites appear faster and and rank better in the search engines and that is all it is really about. We are licensed through optimize press and able to use them for all domains we register. This alone is a $97 theme upgrade savings to you. We are not licensed to offer the ultimate upgrade under any circumstances therefore once we build the shell of your website we install the ultimate theme purchased separately by you in our two step process. We find it easier to do it this way as we can get right to work without delay.

 Can you update my existing website?

Yes we can take a look at your existing website and quote you on updating and upgrading your site to be seen better in the search engines. This of course is a custom quote based on the work involved.

Do you offer any other services?

We offer month to month SEO service, webmaster service, content management service, video marketing services, social signal marketing and much more call us for a free consultation to find a budget friendly option that is right for you.

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