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With Google giving sites that have a mobile redirect in the script better placement on the search engines it is very important that you have a mobile website installed. At Condor Marketing we not only provide a Mobile Website for you but we make sure it is an optimized site to be seen by the search engines with as much favor as possible.

Because we are more than just mobile site builders we offer complete Optimized  Mobile Solutions Click any phone to view fully functional.

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Mobile Websites can include anything you want

  • Standard 5 page mobile sites
  • Premium full menu sites with Screen Options
  • Automatic Mobile Detection & Redirection
  • Photo Gallery Installation
  • Social Sharing Links
  • Social share icons (Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Linkedin) integrated
  • Youtube Channel Integration (if any)
  • Contact Forms

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Your site your way

  • Click to call button
  • Logo & Colors Based on Your Website
  • Gallery photos
  • Condor Notifier SMS Capture and blast specials, limited time only deals, learn more and set up a free demo.
  • (SMS) Call & Capture clients call a number to hear your special offer or receive a free incentive. Blast capabilities included learn more..
  • Restaurant Specific SMS Marketing.
  • Mobile Marketing Solutions (available separately)

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Fully integrated with social aspects 

  • RSS Feed
  • Multi location feature
  • Mobile Analytic- to track your mobile visitors
  • Click To Text Button
  • Business hours
  • News letter Signup by Visitors
  • Facebook Likes Integrated
  • QR-Code Marketing
  • Mobile Mailing List Capture
  • E-mail auto responders coded to QR-codes


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